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Fitter Food Radio #167: Deep Dive Into Sleep

Fitter Food Radio 167 - Deep Dive Into Sleep Health with Dot Zacharias

This week Keris speaks to Sleep Coach Dot Zacharias discussing an alternative approach to better sleep that focuses more on daytime activities and improving your emotional health and work/life balance. She discusses the importance of deep sleep versus REM sleep and how to identify your personal barriers to better slumber.

Their chat includes:

– The lowdown on sleep tracking devices.
– The importance of deep sleep versus REM sleep.
– How to identify your barriers to getting better slumber.
– Re-evaluating your relationship with sleep and adapting your day to ensure you’re set up for some quality shut-eye.
– How to work around unavoidable sleep hijackers including kids, work pressures, and evening exercise.
– The role of Yoga Nidra support to address insomnia and sleep disruption

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