6 Minute Workout

24th January 2020

We’re all pushed for time, some days more than others BUT a big part of the problem is the mindset of thinking a workout needs to be 45-60 minutes long to be classed as effective, leading to no workout being…

Squats & That

24th January 2020

I’m a huge fan of the goblet squat which allows for a greater range of movement due to the counterbalance of the kettlebell and like front squats, fires up the midsection nicely as well of course as the legs and…

Full Body FFS Workout

24th January 2020

This bodyweight and kettlebell combo covers all the muscles as it involves an upper body push, an upper body pull, squat variations and a hip hinge exercise which is a combination I like when getting stuck into a full body…

15 Minute EMOM

24th January 2020

That stands for Every Minute On The Minute by the way. This workout is broken down into three 5 minute sections. Each section has 2 exercises that you perform for the stated number of reps at the start of each minute. Whatever’s left of the minute is your rest!

Full Body Kettlebell & Bodyweight Workout

24th January 2020

There are 2 circuits here Fitties. The first is a full body workout and the second focuses on the abs. Complete all sets of the first circuit before completing the abs combo. FIRST: Perform as a circuit back to back,…

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