Are You Focusing on the Wrong Thing for Fat Loss?

There’s a common issue we see time and time again and that’s folks trying to train their way to fat loss… I’m going to explain why this isn’t necessary.

So we are back from a couple of weeks in Portugal which was AMAZING.

We were home for 16 hours which was enough time to go for a walk, watch the world cup semi-final, eat loads of sushi and get an early night before hitting the road again.

First stop was Nanny duty as mine is not doing too well at the moment and there is no greater gift than your time, so it was lovely to spend some time with my wonderful Nan.

Then it was off oop north to Scarborough for our ‘Doing the Basics Brilliantly’ Fat Loss & Health seminar which was of course EPIC.


At the event, we came across a common issue that we see time and time again and that’s folks trying to train their way to fat loss.

Why you might be focusing on the wrong thing for fat loss

Can training help with fat loss?

Of course.

Do you have to train to achieve fat loss?


Is it the best way to lose weight?

Certainly not.

As you can imagine exercise of any nature will burn more energy than doing nothing at all, with some types of training burning more calories than others of course.

Running will burn more calories than training chest and arms for example.

The problem is most people massively overestimate how many calories they burn during a workout and they often believe their metabolism has been sent through the roof and they can eat like a horse as a result.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and is the reason we hear the “I don’t get it, I exercise for an hour 4-5 times a week and the weight won’t budge” statement.

Let me ask you this…

What’s easier to do – burn 500 calories or consume 500 calories?

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Why training isn't the only way to lose body fat

Exercise has many benefits and it 100% can play a role in putting you in an energy deficit, to help you on your way to leansville BUT it’s far easier to make nutritional changes to put you in a calorie deficit, as oppose to sweating your ass off on the cross-trainer trying to burn off last night’s naan bread.

We are huge fans of exercise for many reasons but it’s not the gold standard when it comes to fat loss and certainly shouldn’t be the primary focus.

Train because you can, train because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good, don’t train thinking you’re burning thousands of calories and getting an “afterburn effect” increasing your metabolism by 300% because it’s simply not the case.
Besides what if you get ill or injured, what if heaven forbid something happens that means you can’t train?

Are you now doomed and any hope of fat loss has been shattered?

No, you just need to eat less, well certainly less than if you were training.

This comes down to good old adaptation which I’m going to cover in my next email to you so look out for that Fitties.

Easier said than done but certainly doable.

How do I know that?

Because we help people every day who have sustained injuries or had operations and cannot train for the time being to make changes to their nutrition and achieve great results in the process.

Nutrition is where it’s at when it comes to fat loss. Training is the Brucey Bonus but doing both is always a good idea.

A huge part of our approach on Fitter 16 – which is our Lifestyle Transformation Plan – is how to adapt nutrition to work for you and where you’re currently at.

In fact, some of the awesome results you see below are from people who haven’t been able to train for numerous reasons yet the nutritional changes alone were enough to get epic results.

Why? Because the plan was adapted in accordance to their bodies needs and BOSH… Happy days.

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