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Aubergine and Chickpea Curry

19th July 2017

This aubergine and chickpea curry is packed with fibre, a healthy dose of greens and the anti-inflammatory spices ensure that it’s full of flavour.

35-40 Minutes

Jamaican Chicken Curry

9th January 2017

Spice up your evening with this awesome curry! It’s incredibly quick and easy to make, plus the added vegetables and potatoes mean you can nail the lot in one pot – BOSH!…

50 Minutes

Chicken and Mushroom Curry

2nd October 2016

Winner winner chicken curry for dinner! This warming chicken and mushroom curry serves 6-8 hungry people, so there’s plenty for a leftover lunch or to pop in the freezer for a quick meal.

Chicken and Spinach Curry

2nd October 2016

Curries are awesome! They taste amazing, are packed with anti inflammatory spices and are a great way to get a healthy dose of vegetables. We often use chicken thighs for curry as they are more flavoursome and often cheaper than…

Spicy Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry

21st January 2015

Another warming, winter curry packed with greens and spices. This spicy sweet potato and spinach curry is an awesome vegetarian dish or a great side dish. We’ve also reinvented leftover cooked meat or fish by adding to this dish so…

35-40 Minutes

Easy Prawn Red Thai Curry

21st May 2014

The beauty of Thai curry is not only do they taste amazing but you can use the exact same recipe for whichever type you like, be it chicken, lamb or just vegetables. This time round though we went for king…

25 Minutes

Indian Style Sweet Potato, Onions and Tomatoes

5th June 2013

Very few ingredients feature here yet the taste is amazing. Next time you have friends round for dinner cook this up and place it in the middle of the table for them to tuck in. We guarantee it will go…

30 Minutes
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