Fat Loss

The ONE Thing That Keeps Me Accountable

A friend asked me recently how I stay motivated to eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis, I simply replied that “I’m lucky!” I’m lucky because I realised many years ago that I have two versions of myself. I know which one I want to be and being consistent with these habits ensures that’s the case.

In my late teens I explored a version of myself where there was no exercise, poor food choices, binge drinking and clinging on to destructive relationships. Maybe I was just unlucky, however, that version of me quickly ended up with acne, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, hormone issues, fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem and on some days no desire whatsoever to face the world.

The other version of me started with running, then came an evolving journey with nutrition (which always included a daily dose of chocolate), some key lifestyle, relationship and environmental changes followed and the final piece in my puzzle was to address my relationship with myself and my body.

All of which gave me a new, consistent energy to focus on my sense of purpose, fulfilment and the things that make me happy.

So I’ve experienced two versions of myself and I can choose which one I want to be.

If I do the basics that we discuss across Fitter Food I’m the version of me that wants to get up early and feels excited about the reasons why.

This version feels inspired, creative, intelligent, has strength and stamina.

This version has knowledge and skills that bring confidence and a desire for adventure.

This version implements key nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits daily to stay fuelled and energised, yet also takes time out to reboot and restore.

This version checks her team and makes sure she’s hanging out with the best.

This version laughs everyday.

This version will exit this world having made the most of it.

I only need to contemplate the other version of me to understand the importance of consistency. 

I struggle to imagine where the other version of me would be right now….?

And this is why I’m continuously motivated to sustain my healthy habits. It’s the reason we created Fitter Food and Fitter 16 is your roadmap to get to this place.

It’s not about the six pack and selfies, it’s about the fact that you only get one chance and simply cannot waste it being the wrong version of yourself.