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Falafel Burgers, Smokey Wedges & Mint Dip

7th April 2020

This veggie-friendly recipe works as an awesome weekend dinner when you fancy switching things up a bit. Paired with incredibly tasty smokey wedges and mint dip, these falafel burgers packed full of flavour and of course nutritional benefits.

40 Minutes

Salmon and Red Pepper Fish Cakes

2nd October 2016

We always have cooked potatoes stocked up in the fridge and they’re perfect for this simple fish supper. Plus this dish is a great way to get some wild fish (skin and bones included) onto the weekly menu.

Curried Turkey Burgers

21st September 2016

We love coming up with new burger ideas and this simple but effective curried turkey burger recipe hit the spot. A nice lean source of protein, full of flavour and super quick and easy to make. #WINNING…

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