Why is My Naff Tattoo So Special?

So I have a tattoo.

I wish I could tell you that I spent hours contemplating this permanent print on my body but the truth is I googled some tattoo designs and just got it done 😮


Keris Marsden TattooBecause I was unhappy and craving change.

I desperately needed change in so many aspects of my life.

No one EVER expected me to get a tattoo so that’s exactly what I did and it became a catalyst for greater change.

I changed my career, home and a number of significant relationships perhaps most importantly the relationship I had with myself.

I put my own happiness and fulfilment first which I hadn’t done for a long time.

Looking after my health was a key part of the process as it gave me a solid foundation to rely upon as I embarked upon a solo journey that truly scared the heck out of me.

If I’m honest I think my tattoo is a bit pants now but I’ve come to love it because it represents me TAKING ACTION.

Now obviously I’m not suggesting you do the same 😂 There are much less painful ways to turn your life around and start to lead a life that you flippin love, one that challenges you and ultimately brings out the best in you.

A big part of our WHY behind Fitter 16 was to help others change their relationship with themselves and start to transform confidence and self esteem levels, not just waistlines.

We want everyone to believe in themselves.

Fitter 16 provides the instruction manual and essential ingredients you need for the process including vitamins, minerals, healthy macros, some exercise endorphins, gut support, sleep hacks and a mindset shift.

In fact we created Fitter 16 so it can be YOUR catalyst for greater CHANGE and save you the hassle of having to get a naff tattoo then having to explain to your folks 5 years later that it’s not really a temporary tattoo 😂🙌