Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

These simple, tasty and effective bars are a great protein snack on the go or as a nutritious sweet treat after your meal. With minimal ingredients and maximum flavour these bars a are a winner that anyone can make in no time.

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Easter Spice Biscuits

Easter has to be the second best weekend of the year (after Crimbo of course!) If you are seeing friends and family be sure to serve up these tasty Easter biscuits with a brew.

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Breakfast Power Muffins

What a cracking start to the day! These muffins are packed with protein, fibre, anti-inflammatory spices, veggies and fruit, plus they are flipping delicious. A great breakfast on the go so get baking, stat!

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Buttered Carrot and Ginger Loaf

A delicious treat to go with your daily brew and the perfect platform for some nutritious, grass fed butter. Packed with anti-inflammatory spices, fruit and veggies this is totally Fitter Food.

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Fitter Footy Pizza

Here at Fitter Food we love a sporting occasion and have been putting our minds to some Fitter Food inspired kick-back-and-watch-the-footy awesome meal times. Behold… the Fitter Footy Pizza is born!

To create the pizza we used our simple cauliflower pizza base and then we worked up some paleo friendly toppings based on an exemplar England vs. Italy game. One half is for England and topped with sausage, bacon and egg and the other half is for Italy, topped with fresh basil, tomatoes and mozzerella!

The idea is simple. Pick your game and then choose two sets of toppings with traditional foods from the countries you’re watching compete. You’re bound to create something awesome. You can share with us your tasty creations throughout Euro 2016 using the hashtag #FittyFootyPizza either via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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Berries and Lemon Coconut Cream

This is such a quick, easy dessert that can be whipped up in no time.  Keep some tins of coconut milk in the fridge so you have ready made coconut cream.  Any combination of fruit, nuts and seeds is great.

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