Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

These simple, tasty and effective bars are a great protein snack on the go or as a nutritious sweet treat after your meal. With minimal ingredients and maximum flavour these bars a are a winner that anyone can make in no time.

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Dan’s Italian Eggs

Traditionally this sauce is made a day or two before you eat it to allow the flavours to marinade. It’s generally served with pasta and any leftover sauce would be used for eggs the next day.

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Hulk Loaf

We call this hulk loaf as it packs in a great hit of protein, healthy fats and antioxidants that’ll help make you incredible. Oh, and it’s also big, green and awesome!

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Coconut Cream Bites

Coconut cream is simply pureed coconut flesh with a little coconut oil. It’s sweet taste and the healthy medium chain fats make it a great addition to a bowl of berries, a stir fry or just enjoy on it’s own as a tasty, high fat snack.

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