Hidden ‘Fishy’ Cakes

We’re always banging on about the benefits of consuming more fish or seafood. Packed with healthy omega 3 fats and minerals like zinc and iodine they should be a weekly feature on your menu and fishcakes are perfect as the creamy potato and seasoning can help disguise the ‘fishy taste if you’re not a fan.

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Lemon Pepper Mackerel Pate

A great snack or starter and packed with healthy omega 3’s, this has even proven a winner with people who don’t like fish. Awesome served warm on our Super Sesame Rolls.

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Honey and Mustard Salmon

Full of flavour and easy to make this salmon dish ticks all the right boxes for a quick meal in the week or as part of a weekend feast. It tastes great if made straight away but if you can marinade it over night it’s simply awesome. 

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Sweet And Spicy Prawn Avocado Bowls

We were inspired to make these sweet and spicy prawn avocado bowls after seeing something similar on a restaurant menu. This recipe is so quick to make and can serve as a delicious starter or a lighter main meal.  Up your tabasco serving if you prefer a bigger kick.

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Fitter Footy Pizza

Here at Fitter Food we love a sporting occasion and have been putting our minds to some Fitter Food inspired kick-back-and-watch-the-footy awesome meal times. Behold… the Fitter Footy Pizza is born!

To create the pizza we used our simple cauliflower pizza base and then we worked up some paleo friendly toppings based on an exemplar England vs. Italy game. One half is for England and topped with sausage, bacon and egg and the other half is for Italy, topped with fresh basil, tomatoes and mozzerella!

The idea is simple. Pick your game and then choose two sets of toppings with traditional foods from the countries you’re watching compete. You’re bound to create something awesome. You can share with us your tasty creations throughout Euro 2016 using the hashtag #FittyFootyPizza either via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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