Cheeky chicken pops

Cheeky Chicken Pops

This dish was created by Claire Harding, our mentor on Fitter 365. She uses this recipe as a sneaky way of getting the whole family to eat more organ meats. Chicken liver is milder than other organ meats so you can add slightly more in the mix without it being detected.

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Crackin’ Balls

We could all benefit from more liver in our diets. If you’re not keen on the taste and texture, try these: blueberries, hazelnuts, liver and sausage meat, all blended together and baked for the perfect on-the-go snack.

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Sweet Potato and Lamb’s Heart Tagine

Heart Tagine, yes you heard us correctly! Did you know organ meats are incredibly nutritious and should be a weekly feature in anyones kitchen. Granted they may not be everyone’s favourite choice but we ask that you try this recipe once and bet after one mouthful you’ll LOVE¬†heart.

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