Cooked Apples and Quinoa

What this recipe lacks in beauty, it makes up for in flavour! Quinoa might not be an obvious choice for breakfast but it’s full of protein and fibre, and when paired with apples, honey and cinnamon it’s deliciously sweet, making it a great alternative to cereal.

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Italian Chicken Wraps

Filled with anti-inflammatory foods such as; olive oil, oregano, cayenne chilli, paprika and coriander, these Italian chicken wraps are delicious on their own but adding some homemade guacamole, sweet potato wedges and salad will take them to another level!

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Thai Prawn Courgette Noodle

Don’t you just love it when a dish takes so little time to make yet tastes amazing? Of course you do and that’s exactly what you get with this dish. A nutritious low carb meal that packs a real protein kick with lots of flavour. Give it a try as a super quick lunch or a turbo dinner after a long day at work.

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Fitter Food Pesto Chicken and Broccoli with Courgetti

Pesto Chicken & Broccoli with Courgette Spaghetti

If you don’t have one yet then a julienne peeler is absolutely a Fitter Food kitchen essential for slicing up vegetables into ribbon noodles and adding to stir fry, salads and substituting for pasta. This pesto chicken and broccoli with courgetti recipe is wheat free, gluten free, low carb but crucially high in protein, healthy fats and full of goodness and taste. We typically cook this in bulk to last over a few days so feel free to adjust the measures accordingly or scale up if you’re feeding a large family.

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