Scary Spag Bol Peppers

This is a simple and scary twist on a family favourite… Spaghetti bolognese. A great way to get the kids involved and have some fun in the kitchen for a Halloween feast. Enjoy.

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Bacon, Cheese & Onion Scotch Eggs

It’s no secret we LOVE Scotch eggs, especially Fitter Food Scotch eggs. They are a fantastic protein hit, highly nutritious and different variations are only limited by your imagination. This hearty version is up there as one of our favourites and fresh out the oven, they are out of this world. So get involved Fitties – make a batch now and put a smile on the whole family’s face. Share your version with us on social media with #fitterscotcheggs.

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Slow Roast Shredded Lamb Shoulder

We love nothing more than a good old roast dinner and one of our favourites is lamb. This beauty wasn’t even cooked on a Sunday! We love cooking big roasting joints and then spreading them out throughout the week, especially if our schedule is a bit hectic as it means we have a good protein hit at the ready. Enjoy this as a roast, in a wrap, with a salad or just on its own every time you go to the fridge 🙂

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